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Time and Reason

With each passing moment,
each blinking eye,
every feeling of atonement,
every breath and every cry,
I realize that the Life I Live
is but a gift to me,
counting every mistake and every success
the young woman I have come to be.
Never let another Judge you,
or discourage the path you choose.
All things have time and reason,
as a sunset, or a rose.
I’ve Lived and Loved,
Loved and Lost,
Lost and Found again;
These times I fell and realized
I was my only friend
Yet I am strong, I am bold,
I am someone special,
all truths be told.
Tears may fall from weary eyes,
But the following morning brings perfection.
I am me, I am one of a kind,
I am the world, and the world is mine.

Written by a former FCS client