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Frequently Asked Questions


The maternity program serves pregnant girls and women of any age. We have had maternity residents as young as 10 and as old as 43. Sarah’s House and Legacy Hall serves girls and women in custody of the Department of Social Services up to the age of 21.
The woman or any interested parties may call Allison Ellis in admissions at 704-372-4663.
Self-referrals, family mmembers, Department of Social Services, Juvenile Justice, local shelters, schools, health departments and doctors offices.
Yes, our coordinated services are for Crittenton residents. However, we offer an aftercare program, APEP, for residents once they have discharged from our residency programs.
Pregnant girls and women of any age.
Girls and women up to the age of 21 who have children. Both mother and child must be in legal custody of the Department of Social Services.
Non-pregnant adolescents and women up too the age of 21 who are in legal custody of the Department of Social Services.
Anyone who has discharged from the Maternity Program or Sarah’s House within the last three years.
Residents are encouraged to apply for Medicaid if they do not have private insurance.
Prior to delivering the baby, Crittenton staff works with maternity residents to develop a discharge plan. Once the baby is delivered, the resident is discharged into safe housing. Maternity residents who are in legal custody of the Department of Social Services have the option to enroll in the Sarah’s House program with their child.
Our Aftercare Parenting Education Program (APEP) supports clients living in the Charlotte area who have completed our Maternity and Sarah’s House programs for up to three years.
Yes, our Vocational & Educational Program assists residents in obtaining employment and furthering their education by providing resume writing and interview prep assistance, internship opportunities, virtual education, GED/ high school/ college training, and tutoring. All residents are encouraged to work towards their educational and career goals while at Crittenton.
Yes, both mom and baby must be in legal custody of Department of Social Services to enroll in Sarah’s House.
Maternity residents can stay for up to 6 months. Legacy Hall and Sarah’s House residents can stay up to the age of 21.
All cases are reviewed by a case manager on a case-by-case basis. If it is decided that Crittenton does not offer appropriate services to meet your needs, we will refer you to other resources in the area. Everyone is encouraged to reach out to our admissions coordinator, Allison Ellis, at 704-372-4663 to see if Crittenton is a good fit for you.
Absolutely not! One of our core values is respect; we respect each client and their freedom to make choices for their own lives. If a resident expresses interest in adoption, the social work staff will provide her with information so that she can make a decision, but the social worker DOES NOT make the decision for her. Less than 5% of maternity program residents choose to release their babies for adoption.
Crittenton measures indicators of the following: healthy baby, healthy pregnancy, infant mortality, infant morbidity, low birth weight, premature birth, drug free births, remaining in school or completing GED, prenatal care, nutrition, early childhood development education, parenting skills, career development, life skills training.