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Capital Campaign

Crittenton has launched its Vision for the Future $3.5 million capital campaign. The campaign will fund the organization’s purchase of a newly built facility and strategic initiatives designed to support its expanded client base of women and girls facing cycles of trauma and abuse.

Move and Relocation

Prior to moving to the West Boulevard corridor, Crittenton was located on the Atrium Health campus in Midtown Charlotte. Facing expanding needs for space on the campus, Atrium and its partners built the new facility, allowing Crittenton to lease and buy the building over time consistent with the organization’s budget and capital plans. This move, while challenging, has given Crittenton a unique, transformational opportunity to own a state-of the-art building tailored to the agency’s needs, including evolved residential, meeting, education and training spaces.

"Our move to the new building while an enormous challenge was an ideal opportunity to update Crittenton's plans and directions, including evolved staffing, training and equipment. The number of women and girls in this region needing our support has grown tremendously over the past decade."

Rebecca Young
Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign

This is About Much More than a New Building

The Vision for the Future capital campaign is about much more than a new building and new programs. It is about empowering young women and girls and empowering them with the tools and knowledge to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Four outcomes-based programs and seven treatment models support Crittenton’s work with teens in foster care, expectant mothers, and mothers with young children. Crittenton works to empower its clients and to prepare them to live independently and in a safe and healthy manner.

"We serve women and girls that no other agency is reaching. Many of these women and girls have been homeless while others have been victims of trafficking or substance abuse. Our work is all about helping them transform their lives and create a better future."

Mac McCarley
Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign

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