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Programs and Services

Crittenton Programs and Services

We have worked throughout our history to support and empower pregnant adolescents and women in North Carolina. Founded in 1903, we offer four primary programs.

Through a comprehensive continuum of services, Crittenton provides support and services to help women and families thrive. By using an array of residential, counseling, education, treatment, and preventive services for women and children, our focus is to break cycles of trauma, neglect and abuse. These programs and services are specifically designed to support the health, safety and futures as we counsel and empower our women.

Maternity- a comprehensive program designed to provide security and healing for expecting mothers of all ages. Learn More

Mother/Child “Sarah’s House” – a residential parenting program educating and preparing young mothers to build a better future.  Learn More

Independent Living “Legacy Hall”  – a residential program supporting non-pregnant teens currently in foster care.  Learn More

Parenting Education – a program for women who have participated in our Maternity or Sarah’s House program providing ongoing support as they transition into the community. Learn More


At Crittenton we provide an array of services designed to ensure the safety and health of our clients, ultimately equipping and empowering them to live independently.

Individual Assessments


Health Care and Prenatal Care

Parenting Skills

Life Skills Development

Group & Individual Counseling

Career and Vocational Training

Substance & Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Individual Plan Development


Education & Tutoring

Early Childhood Development

Financial Support & Scholarships

Family Planning

Healthy Relationships Curriculum