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Finding Motivation

Krista's Journey:

We have all experienced fights and clashes with our family, but what happens when that leaves you with little support, resorting to couch hopping just to have a roof over your head? This was Krista’s reality. Krista, 25, has been pregnant before and now has a 2-year-old son. With her first pregnancy, she had a lot of support from her mother making sure she could get to doctors’ appointments and even helping her care for her newborn son’s needs after birth. Some months ago, Krista found herself pregnant with her second child – she was going to have a sweet baby girl. She knew that meant she couldn’t keep couch hopping and needed to find her own place. However, with the unborn baby’s father getting locked up, the passing of her own father at the beginning of the year, and now being estranged from her mother, Krista realized she needed help but had nowhere to go. 

Krista applied to live at Crittenton and was accepted into the Maternity Program. Crittenton has been able to provide her with safe housing, consistent meals, life skills classes, and access to prenatal care. Most impactful for Krista, however, has been the chance to begin therapy. She grew up feeling like an outcast in her family and experienced trauma growing up. She was also shot in the arm during her first pregnancy which led to a pre-eclampsia diagnosis. Krista said therapy is helping her work through her PTSD and anger issues she developed. She wants to continue to heal and grow to ensure she is her best self for her children.  

Krista felt the parenting classes Crittenton offers have helped her learn more about how to care for her future newborn. With her first child, her mother took on most of the tasks that come with caring for a newborn. Krista understands that she will mostly be doing all of that on her own with her second child, so she is grateful to learn more skills to effectively care for both of her children. “I’m going to show them love, but not tough love how my parents did. I also want them to know they can come to me about anything. You can come and talk to me. I don’t want my kids to feel unloved, unwanted, or like they’re out here on their own,” she said.  

At Crittenton, she has also become more aware of the vocational resources and opportunities available to her. Her motivation to succeed and provide for her children is stronger than ever, with hopes of owning her own clothing business one day. Crittenton and its supporters have provided Krista with a place to work on her mental health and her goals before she transitions to independence following birth. She feels empowered to believe in herself and provide a better life for her children than she had growing up.  




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