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Many Chapters, Finding Safety, Another Side

C-“My Crittenton story has a number of chapters. It starts 14 years ago when I got pregnant at age 16. My stepmother refused to help me, and I refused to live in a house with no heat in the winter. Not with my child. A social worker who had been visiting the house referred me to Crittenton. I applied and got into Sarah’s House, a mother-child program, and I learned to bond with my child born that year.

At Crittenton, I found safety and reassurance that I was ok and that things would be all right. I am still close to Crittenton staff members who were selfless, really cared and were there for more than a paycheck. They taught me how to be a mother, how to feed and bathe my child, and they provided me the parenting I had lacked for the previous six years since I

We lived at Crittenton for more than two years, and they taught me how to live independently with my son. While we were there, I also worked full-time and got my GED.

At Crittenton, I saw a side of caring and social work very different than that many speak to today. Today my son is 14 and I am completing coursework in social work myself at UNCC.  Crittenton taught me how important it is to pay it forward. 

The Crittenton community continues to be a big part of my life. In fact, I met my best friend there and have many Crittenton friends who I talk to often.”