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Being Independent

J. was one of the first clients that came to Legacy Hall when it opened. Working on obtaining independence, she was having difficulties in foster care because she needed to develop skills that could allow her to move out on her own. J came to Legacy Hall and was led through life-skill courses that taught her grocery shopping skills, how to schedule and maintain doctor appointments on her own. She also was able to make better grades in her college classes. Staff eventually helped her to look for an apartment in a neighboring county where she was able to move in within a few months, having saved enough money to maintain. Once she moved out of Legacy Hall, J continued in school and improved her grades the following semester, started a job at a local department store, and has since gotten married. She is living in a nice two-bedroom apartment with her husband and is soon expecting their first child.

When asked what she learned from the program at Legacy Hall, J explained:

Many lessons on how to be independent.

How to build a credit score and how bad it can be once you get bad credit.

I learned the value of time.

I finally learned how to look for an apartment.

I have resisted peer pressure even at the cost of friendship.

I improved my relationship with my mother by finally accepting the role she plays.

I got my driver’s license (my first step towards independence.); Courage: I was scared to drive or ever be on the road alone.

I learned how to put together a support team and not run away from those who care about you…“don’t burn bridges.”