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Author: Kamaria Clifton

Story #33

On January 10th, 2013 (1/10), Florence Crittenton Services of NC began its celebration of 110 years of service. A part of that celebration was proudly displaying FCS “purple” on the Duke Energy Building in honor of our 110th anniversary. How exciting it was to look out on the #CharlotteSkyline and see FCS’s color displayed for all to see. We hope to have the building shine purple throughout the rest of the year. So, if you are driving around and see such a beautiful sight, think of FCS and the 47,000 lives that we have changed in our 110 years of service.


Story #31

I love to talk about FCS!

On March 13th, Two Men and a Truck and NoDa Brewing Run Club are partnering to kick off our 5th annual Movers for Moms donation drive. The run club will be having a 1, 3, and 5 mile “diaper dash” run. We are asking participants to donate an item from our wish list (diapers, bottles, linens, etc.) to receive a raffle ticket for gift cards and prizes from local businesses.

Which brings me to my initial statement of… I love to talk ab…out FCS!

Yesterday, the admissions coordinator, Kat, and I went to several businesses asking for gift card donations to be used in the raffle for the “diaper dash” benefitting FCS.

Every place we went into had not heard of FCS, which gave us the opportunity to share with them all the amazing things we have accomplished in our 110 years of service. That moment… when you are speaking passionately about a cause you truly believe in… the moment when the spark enters another’s eyes… when someone else realizes the cause is worthy and honorable… That moment is why I love to talk about FCS. I have seen that spark turn into a fire in so many. I have seen a person look at me skeptically, assuming I’m selling something horrible, then blink, eyes open, skepticism is gone and replaced with an understanding of Florence Crittenton Services and why it is worthwhile.

Our afternoon adventure was so successful and enjoyable. This is a picture of Kat, myself, and Brendon Murphy, manager of a new restaurant called Peculiar Rabbit. After he learned of FCS and all the wonderful things we are doing he gladly gave us a FIFTY DOLLAR gift card to be used in the upcoming raffle. So awesome, and completely validates my assertion that I love to talk about FCS!

Andrea McGhee

Story #30

Today’s story is one of our favorite handouts.  It demonstrates who we serve, what we accomplish, and why it matters.

Today’s story is about one of our clients who came to FCS recovering from her addiction to cocaine and marijuana.  She came to FCS with a few months of sobriety under her belt and was able to maintain that with the one on one sessions, drug screens, and encouragement from staff. The client was determined to remain substance free for herself and the sake of her unborn child.

In addition to her substance abuse history, she struggled with mental health issues.  During her time at FCS, she had a difficult time getting along with other residents and constantly struggled with poor peer interactions.  Regardless of the numerous obstacle however, she never gave up!  This client consistently worked through her issues with the assistance of staff and the determination to bring into this world a drug free baby.  She was able to ask for help no matter how difficult things became even up to and during the time of her delivery.  We are proud to say that this client fulfilled her goals and delivered a healthy, drug free, 8lb 1oz bouncing baby girl.

After the birth of her baby, she was incredibly grateful for all the help that she had received from FCS staff and stated that this place has been a life saver for her and her baby.

If you like the stories we have been sharing, please consider giving a gift to support these girls and women and their families.


This story is a wonderful email that was received by staff from a former client.

Hey Ms. Shanell I was checking my email and I decided to write you one so u can read it when u get to work. I miss sitting in my chair next to your desk talking to you about my problems.

Sometimes I find myself missing being at FCS as much as I hated it when I was living there I never thought that I would say this but I am glad my mom sent me there. It was different from what I was used to but I had to open my eyes to different things.

I experienced new things and met new people and really accomplished a lot with the help from FCS staff. Mrs. Michelle helped me with school and I don’t think I would have continued my education without her and you were there for me when I needed u. I think if u weren’t there I probably would have gone crazy. I didn’t need one of those mentors that they give them girls there because I had you!

That was more than I could have ever asked for u really meant a lot to me and I will miss u if somehow we were to lose touch with each other. This email is a little long and I know u have to start work so goodbye and happy birthday again. I love u!

If you like the stories we have been sharing, please consider giving a gift to support these girls and women and their families.

Kelly, age 17, was admitted into Florence Crittenton Services (FCS) after becoming pregnant during a very difficult time in her life.  She had dropped out of high school and was running away on a regular basis.  Kelly and her mother were arguing daily, and her mother was constantly besieged with the pressure of trying to raise Kelly and her two other children by herself.
Kelly’s father had been convicted of sexually abusing her when she was 14.  Her family unraveled after this horrible trauma.  She stopped listening to her mother, was angry, hurt and started to act out by becoming promiscuous.  Kelly’s mother felt overwhelmed and unable to help her daughter, subsequently making FCS a uniquely perfect place for their family.

FCS was able to support Kelly, and allow them to work through their challenges as a family.  While at FCS, Kelly was incredibly successful.  She worked as a housekeeper and participated in all programming.  She attended parenting and GED classes and passed both in flying colors.

The father of baby was also a teenager and was ill prepared for parenthood.  He too was able to attend parenting classes at FCS and to learn his role as the father.  Kelly’s story is an excellent example of how FCS is able to work within a support system in order to gain the greatest outcomes.

Due to her mother working a full time job along with a subsidy that the family receives from her father’s imprisonment, Kelly’s family was unable to receive State Maternity Funds.  This combined income put the family right above the poverty line and were therefore ineligible for state funding, leaving FCS to find other means of payment for services.  Kelly’s mother, incredibly grateful for FCS, attempted to help every month by providing a financial contribution, an incredibly challenging feat for Kelly’s mother.

At the end of her stay at FCS, Kelly left with a healthy baby, a stronger relationship with her mother, and confidence towards parenting.  She also obtained her GED and had secured a job.  Kelly and her mother are so grateful for the skills she was able to gain while living here, as well as the promise of a bright future.

If you like the stories we have been sharing, please consider giving a gift to support these girls and women and their families.


Story #26

“My Story”: Louise Watson

More than 5,700 girls and young women have come to live at FCS since I first came on staff at FCS. Each one of those young women, like the thousands of FCS residents before them, has had her own story, her own needs, and her own plan for her future and the future of her baby. Over the years, I have seen first-hand how FCS residents are cared for, and the outstanding programs and services that are available to each one of them. I have come to understand why former residents tell us the time they spent at FCS was one of the most important periods of their lives – a time of positive changes that often opened new and wonderful futures for themselves and their children.
The very same can be said for me: Being a part of this agency’s amazing staff and volunteers as together we seek to achieve the mission and vision set before us has been a very important part of my own life and has brought positive changes and a brighter future to me.

I would like to thank each and every FCS client whose path crossed mine over these past years. You have shown me what personal strength in times of adversity and difficult life circumstances really means. You have shared your smiles, your tears, your struggles and your achievements with me, and I am truly humbled and grateful to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you like the stories we have been sharing, please consider giving a gift to support these girls and women and their families.

Story #23 – Whats your story…

I remember the first volunteer orientation I conducted. When telling these amazing people of all the wonderful things FCS does, several of them started to cry. I was so moved by the love in others hearts. FCS has shown me the true beauty of humanity. To give of oneself for another is something I experience almost daily as the volunteer coordinator. The residents are continually blessed by the generosity and giving spirits of our community. Thanks to all who inspire me and the residents of FCS to be the best we can be!

This review of Florence Crittenton Services of NC was found on Superpages, and demonstrates once again the lifelong impact FCS makes.

Notably good service experience:
I am a former resident of this facility. Although the circumstances that brought me there were not the most pleasant my experience while there was life changing. I often said that one day I would love to return to this one or one in my city/state and work/give back. I know that my stay at the Charlotte home affected my choices in life, love, and career. The staff there were very attentive, caring, and understanding. Thank you for supplying a safe-haven for young women who otherwise wouldn’t have one.

If you like the stories we have been sharing, please consider giving a gift to support these girls and women and their families.

Story #21

Legacy Hall, full of success stories….

FCS’s independent living program for non pregnant adolescents in foster care has had a week filled with celebration.

Through out the past few years this program has steadily grown and strengthened and is now proud to boast it is serving more clients than ever before. It is so wonderful to see our Legacy Hall family grow, for that is what it is… a family. Our residents have the opportunity to hone their life skills in preparation for adulthood, while simultaneously forming lifelong friendships.

While the number of clients is increasing their successes are as well. This week, two of our girls graduated from High School. With the support of each other, staff, tutors, mentors, and other volunteers, our residents were able to devote their time and ability and achieve this huge milestone. We celebrate with them, and cheer them on to more successes in the future.

If you like the stories we have been sharing, please consider giving a gift to support these girls and women and their families.