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D, 19: Giving Up is Not an Option

Today’s story is about one of our clients who came to FCS recovering from her addiction to cocaine and marijuana.  She came to FCS with a few months of sobriety under her belt and was able to maintain that with the one on one sessions, drug screens, and encouragement from staff. The client was determined to remain substance free for herself and the sake of her unborn child.

In addition to her substance abuse history, she struggled with mental health issues.  During her time at FCS, she had a difficult time getting along with other residents and constantly struggled with poor peer interactions.  Regardless of the numerous obstacle however, she never gave up!  This client consistently worked through her issues with the assistance of staff and the determination to bring into this world a drug free baby.  She was able to ask for help no matter how difficult things became even up to and during the time of her delivery.  We are proud to say that this client fulfilled her goals and delivered a healthy, drug free, 8lb 1oz bouncing baby girl.

After the birth of her baby, she was incredibly grateful for all the help that she had received from FCS staff and stated that this place has been a life saver for her and her baby.

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