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Story #21

Story #21

Legacy Hall, full of success stories….

FCS’s independent living program for non pregnant adolescents in foster care has had a week filled with celebration.

Through out the past few years this program has steadily grown and strengthened and is now proud to boast it is serving more clients than ever before. It is so wonderful to see our Legacy Hall family grow, for that is what it is… a family. Our residents have the opportunity to hone their life skills in preparation for adulthood, while simultaneously forming lifelong friendships.

While the number of clients is increasing their successes are as well. This week, two of our girls graduated from High School. With the support of each other, staff, tutors, mentors, and other volunteers, our residents were able to devote their time and ability and achieve this huge milestone. We celebrate with them, and cheer them on to more successes in the future.

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