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Author: Sarah Hyde

April 26, 2023 (CHARLOTTE, NC) – Crittenton announced today that Chief Executive Officer Diane Thompson will retire effective December 31, 2023. Thompson has served in her current role since 2014, and prior to that for 17 years as Program Administrator, where she oversaw the implementation of program support services and outreach. 

During Thompson’s tenure as Chief Executive Officer, she played a critical role in expanding Crittenton’s services and reach. Thompson managed the design and building of a new facility, extended the programming offered to clients, and launched a $3.5 million capital campaign. 

William Ryans, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Crittenton said, “I would like to recognize and honor the impact of Diane’s steadfast dedication to the mission of our organization. Through her role as Chief Executive Officer, Diane has led with warmth and grace while navigating challenges and upholding the integrity of Crittenton’s values. She inspires confidence in our residents and team and truly exudes the mission of our organization. We wish Diane all the best following her retirement and look forward to continuing her legacy at Crittenton.” 


Crittenton has engaged executive search firm Coleman Lew Canny Bowen to assist in a nationwide search for Thompson’s successor and plans to name the new Chief Executive Officer by July 2023. Thompson and her successor will work together until the end of the year to ensure no disruption to programming or services during the transition.

“It has been an honor to work with an organization that provides adolescents and women in Charlotte with the necessary support to move forward in their lives. I am leaving with full confidence that the dedication of the staff and the leadership of the Board of Directors will ensure the continued success of both Crittenton and every young woman we serve. I look forward to working with the new Chief Executive Officer so that Crittenton’s mission will continue to be met with the same high standard of care that has set our organization apart,” says Thompson.

About Crittenton

Founded in 1903, Crittenton has strived to serve and empower young women and girls in need of critical services by providing a safe place to live, counseling, medical and health care, parenting support, adoption support, maternity programs for single pregnant adolescents and women, mother-infant residential foster care program, residential foster care, aftercare services, and alumnae events. Since its inception, Crittenton has assisted over 40,000 adolescents, women, and children, working to break intergenerational cycles of abuse, neglect, low education, trauma and promote steps toward self-sufficiency and healing.

Florence Crittenton Services, a nationally accredited behavioral health organization, has moved to a new facility and changed its name. Founded more than 100 years ago, the organization will be known as simply Crittenton, working from a sparkling new facility at 3350 Holabird Lane in the West Boulevard corridor.

“We are thrilled with our new home and the way it has turned out. As we prepared for the move, we realized it was a good time for us to refresh our brand and how we serve the community,” said Diane Thompson, Crittenton CEO.

Crittenton provides four specially designed programs for at-risk women and girls, many working to break cycles of trauma and abuse. Programs include a comprehensive maternity program for expecting mothers; a mother and child program, Sarah’s House for mothers in foster care; an adolescent independent living foster care program known as Legacy Hall; and a home visitation program supporting clients as they prepare to transition into the community.
Services range from education, housing, therapeutic treatment and counseling to support in obtaining prenatal care. Crittenton works hard to equip its clients with vital life skills, preparing them for their lives and careers outside its doors. Some clients suffer from mental health and substance issues. Many clients have suffered cycles of trauma, neglect, abuse, including trafficking and homelessness.

The new 35,000 square foot facility was constructed by Rodgers Builders working in concert with project manager Keith Corporation and owner Atrium Health. Atrium worked closely with Crittenton to design the building which Crittenton is leasing back until it can purchase the facility in seven years. The ultimate purchase of the facility will be funded by a capital campaign currently being launched.

Over the past 24 months, Crittenton has implemented a trauma-informed model of care known as ARC (Attachment, Regulation and Competency). Crittenton staff members have been trained in this methodology designed to address issues associated with complex traumas including acute, attachment stress, PTSD and resilience

All programs offered at Crittenton including Maternity, Mother/Child, Independent Living and Parenting Education program have been adapted to incorporate ARC as a tool in recognizing and understanding how trauma impacts each client. Acquiring this knowledge is the first step in helping clients achieve vital outcomes including social engagement, independent and parenting skills, and empowerment.