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Meet the Board Series

A Word With Board Chair Bill Ryans

Why do nonprofits need a board? Well, board members are essential for the success of any nonprofit organization. Their diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives help to guide the organization’s mission, vision and strategy. They play a vital role in providing oversight and accountability, and they are integral to the organization’s success. 

At Crittenton, our board members help to provide direction and strategy to the organization, while also providing guidance and advice. They are often the ones who are responsible for setting and enforcing the organization’s vision and mission. With their help, the organization can stay true to its goals and objectives.  

We want to take the time to highlight our Board Chair, Bill Ryans. He has given many hours to Crittenton with his involvement spanning over 23 years.

We asked Bill about his involvement with Crittenton:

While serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Crittenton, I have the distinct privilege of serving as an at-large member of the Charlotte Crittenton board for as long as I maintain my National Crittenton affiliation. To that end, my relationship with the Charlotte Crittenton has spanned 23 years. During this long tenure I have served in many capacities including three terms as Board Chair.” 

What is your favorite thing about being a part of Crittenton? 

“There is so much positivity that comes out of Crittenton. If I am asked to name my favorite thing it would have to be witnessing the transformation made by residents. This is so prevalent that we have incorporated the butterfly to visually represent the moms and young ladies in the Crittenton logo. Many enter the programs with a dearth of problems, negative circumstances, and limited support only to gain or regain a sense they can be successful. They can be great moms, and then can succeed in an educational setting. Over the years I have been approached by those in the community upon finding out my Crittenton affiliation tell me of the success of a daughter, granddaughter or other family member and attribute that outcome to the great work that Crittenton does. “ 

At Crittenton, we always emphasize the importance of rest and self-care, especially considering the heightened stress of the last few years.

What is your favorite self-care activity?

“My profession as a Sales and Marketing Manager at a major international chemicals firm places me in a very dynamic work environment that is impacted by everything from global weather patterns, longshoreman work stoppages, railroad derailments, consumer spending habits, among many others. My personal takeaway from my relationship with Crittenton is the value in finding space for self-care. I’ve witnessed the positive results from residents and staff at Crittenton when this is employed. My favorite self-care treatment is foreign travel. Being immersed in an atmosphere of sights and sounds, food and culture that allows a temporary escape from the day to day activities is refreshing and educational.” 

Thanks to Bill and all of our board members for their commitment, integrity, and passion to see positive transformation in the lives of our clients!