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E, 24: Fighting the Demons

E was 24 years old and homeless when she entered FCS. She had been removed from her birth parents’ custody when she was an infant because of her parents’ drug abuse and domestic violence. She lived in foster care for the next 5 years before she was adopted. E is developmentally limited. She was gang raped by 6 men when she was 17 and had reoccurring nightmares about that attack. She dropped out of high school in 9th grade, suffered from depression and began to abuse drugs. She entered the Maternity Program reporting that she had stopped doing drugs but was having seizures and bad headaches, and on the Maternity Program’s admission for she wrote she had “no home.” E became an active participant in the Maternity Program. Her life situation stabilized and she stayed clean and sober. She ate regular meals, started keeping her room clean, and began to sleep well. She went to special school classes to help her prepare for taking her GED, and attended counseling sessions, substance abuse prevention/intervention groups, and in-house class sessions to learn parenting skills and early child development. She had been at FCS for 5 full months when her baby was born, drug free and healthy, and weighed 8lbs. and 11ozs. E released her healthy baby for adoption and reestablished a connection with her adoptive parents.