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S, 24: “Thank You”

“THANK YOU” …this expression of appreciation was voiced on many occasions by S, who entered the Maternity Program from a Shelter where she had been living after her situation with her boyfriend became unsafe. She was 24 years old, and a recently “clean” drug addict. While she was in the Maternity Program, S received intensive individual counseling, support through the CASCADES program (substance abuse treatment for women), and medical care. S’s words of thanks were also directed to agencies to which she was referred by FCS – Crisis Assistance Ministry and DSS. These agencies helped her to secure furniture (including a washer and a dryer) so that she could set up her apartment. Due to the appropriateness of her behavior and the active pursuit of her goals, FCS staff worked together to provide her with necessary items to fully furnish her home, and many items for her baby. S entered and completed a local Culinary Arts Program. This opportunity was a long-time dream for S, and the Florence Crittenton Staff believe she will be a very productive and positive member of the community as a result of her participation in the Maternity Program.