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Story #85

Congratulations is in order for Bl!!! She welcomed her baby boy into our world this morning at 10:33 (thank goodness, she waited until after she took her CNA re-certification exam, which she took yesterday morning)! He weighed in at 6 lbs., 8 oz., with a length of 19 inches. Although mom had some minor complications in the midst of delivering, all is now well with both of them.

Even though B was a fairly not-too-difficult client, she had many, many skills that needed enhancing, which we, as staff, all persevered in helping her with. She completed many of her goals (graduating from a substance abuse treatment program at Mercy Horizons, completing her CNA re-certification exam, being on the highest phase/level-Responsibility/Tuma Dala, being employed as the Resident Donations Coordinator, etc., etc., to name a few), as she demonstrated her ability to progress and grow, while residing here.

A BIG thank you to EVERYONE who had a hand in all that B accomplished and learned while she was a client of FCS.



Maternity Program Case Manager