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Story #37

Story #37

I grew up with a loving and supportive family. As a child, I assumed everyone else had what I took for granted: unconditional love from my parents. Then when I was a teenager, the younger sister of a good friend of mine discovered that she was pregnant. Because she was so fearful of what her parents would say or do to her when they learned the truth, and knowing of no other place to turn, she chose to take her own life.

Her story has stayed with me ever since then.

I recently joined the Board of Directors of FCS in order to help teenage girls and young women who are struggling with the issues that my friend’s sister found too overwhelming to contend with. It takes an immense amount of courage to be young and pregnant, especially when one is facing other serious life challenges. At FCS, at-risk girls and women are given the support and education they need to take their next steps with improved health, important life skills and greater confidence. I am proud to serve this amazing organization.

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