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F, 26: “Dare”

Today’s story was an email received from an FCS supporter. I love how this story demonstrates the many facets of Florence Crittenton’s impact.

Hello, Friends,

I just checked a book out of the Char-Meck library that my friends had been raving about: Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, MD. Eben, a neurosurgeon, was born in December of 1953 at the Florence Crittenton Home in Charlotte, next to Charlotte Memorial Hospital!

His mother was 16, the youngest resident, and took the “code name” of Virginia Dare. She was called “Dare” by the residents, and desperately wanted to keep her son. Residents at that time were at the Home three months before and two weeks after the birth of their babies. She and the father eventually did marry and had more children.

Eben spent his first Christmas plus eleven days in the hospital, and then went to a “baby dorm.” He was adopted by a wonderful couple, which was meaningful to me since our first child, now deceased, was also adopted.

The birth father was a naval aviator, NASA Apollo trainee, an airline pilot for Piedmont and Delta, and an attorney! Eben did reunite with his birth family.

You can read a sample at the link below. I haven’t gotten very far into the book as of now, but I am really enjoying it!

FCS Supporter

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