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Story #105


I know life isn’t easy
but who would have thought it would be this.
Sometimes it gets so overwhelming
I just feel like giving up.
But my pride won’t let me walk away,
and fear keeps me from getting ahead.
That’s when I compromise my options
to sit and do nothing instead.
That way there is no losing
because there is nothing for me to fight.
Yet those are the times I miss winning,
which I finally do get it right.

I know life isn’t easy
and sometimes
I’m glad its not.
Because victory is always sweeter
when the war is not easily fought.
Plus, who said that life was made up of pain
just to bring me down?
It’s when times get the hardest
That I refused to be pushed around.
And where would my strength be
if life had not prepared me for this day?
I’m stronger that I give myself credit for,
and despite the pain, I’ll be okay.

Poem written by former Florence Crittenton Resident.