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L, 13: Finding Herself

L was 13 years old when she was admitted to the maternity program last June. She remains in DSS custody due to the incarceration of both of her parents, as well as her maternal aunt and her brother. L’s mother and brother are both addicts. The brother is serving time for assaulting L while becoming enraged under the influence of narcotics. On the day that she was admitted, we took her to the emergency room to have staples removed from the head injury. She has had to testify in court and struggles with feeling responsible for his incarceration. L had been “home schooled” by her mother, but has made a successful transition to public school. She responds well to our structured and stable environment. She is well-behaved, compliant and respectful. She enjoys spending time in our vocational lab and hanging out with her friends. Despite her young age, she is a very nurturing mother to her son, and she loves to learn all that she can about parenting. She just turned 14 years old.