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Crittenton Services Auxiliary

The Crittenton Auxiliary, formed in the early 1970s, is a group of vibrant and dedicated volunteers whose purpose is to meet the service needs of the girls, women and families Crittenton serves. Membership is open to any person with an interest in social problems and the services Crittenton provides. New members are accepted at any time during the year. Please contact Judith Lisenby here if you would like to learn more.

Current functions of the Auxiliary include:

  • Sponsoring scholarship funding for qualified residents to continue their education/job training to become self-supporting citizens.
  • Raising funds as needed for individual residents for basic needs, as requested by Crittenton staff, when no other funds are available.
  • Sending an arrangement of fresh flowers to each maternity resident at the time of her delivery.
  • Providing an individual gift to every resident celebrating her birthday that month.
  • Decorating the Crittenton facility with a festive seasonal/holiday themes.
  • Coordinating a Fourth of July picnic for residents onsite at Crittenton with all food and gift bags supplied by the Auxiliary.
  • Providing a graduation gift for any Crittenton resident who graduates from school during their stay.

Current Members:

  • Dorothy Cannon
  • Lana Hathaway
  • Marty Hunt
  • Kimberly Indresano
  • Elaine Langstaff
  • Judith Lisenby (Chair)

  • Katherine Johnson
  • Marie McBride
  • Debi Nelson
  • June Nunn
  • Gene Ruth Poler
  • Jennifer Pulliam