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Our Clients

Crittenton provides support for women and girls working to live healthy
and safe lives. Most of the women that come to Crittenton have suffered from
trauma, abuse and neglect.  

Many lack access to healthcare, nutrition and mental health
services and support that so many of us take for granted. 

The statistics below are data points that begin to tell the
story of our clients. While these are the starting points, they are not permanent
markers but instead reminders of what our impact works to change.  

  • 49% Homeless at admission
  • 40% In foster care
  • 100% Medicaid eligible
  • 35% Reported abuse (physical, emotional, sexual)
  • 33% Substance abuse history
  • 16% Active substance abuse
  • 55% Little to no prenatal care

Many need a safe and healthy place to live while others need
prenatal care and nutritional support. 

In each of our programs we facilitate individual assessments
to assure that these women attain vital life and parenting skills, education
and vocational support, and treatment for trauma, PTSD, and substance and
alcohol use disorder if applicable.

It is all about caring, equipping and empowering these women
so that they and their children can have better tomorrows.


Our Aftercare parenting education program supports clients living in the Charlotte area who have completed our Maternity and Sarah’s House –  mother/child programs, within the last three years.

A dedicated Crittenton social worker helps clients to maintain a safe home environment and healthy relationships. The social worker provides support and resources for healthy development of both the child and mother.

Services & Approach

As noted below, we conduct an individual assessment and plan for each client addressing needs including the following:

  • Child Development (Ages & Stages)                                          
  • Education and Career Support
  • Parenting Skills                                                             
  • Social and Life Skills Development
  • Healthcare and Immunizations
  • Housing/Furniture Resources                                  
  • Repeat Pregnancy Prevention
  • Substance and Alcohol use  Awareness
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness
  • Financial Literacy Support

Objectives & Outcomes

Our goal is to provide counseling and a continuum of care for families to sustain health and stability.  With this program we work to ensure:

  • Infants are current on immunizations
  • Children served reach their developmental milestones
  • Participants have no substantiated cases of abuse and neglect.

Learn More About Our Aftercare Parenting Education Program

For more information about the Aftercare Parenting Education Program, please contact us here or by phone at 704-372-4663