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Our Outcomes

Our programs serve as a point of intervention and removes barriers including access to regular prenatal, health, mental health care, safe housing, basic needs, nutritional and regular meals, effects of trauma and PTSD, truancy, and help with educational and vocational pursuits.

Maternity Program
• Last year, we served 42 mothers-to-be and their unborn children for a total of 1,915 days of care.
• 89% of Crittenton babies were born free of illegal substances. (Note: one baby was born premature less than 24 hours after his mother was admitted to Crittenton. All other babies were born drug free.)
• 78% of Crittenton babies had a birth weight greater than 5.5 lbs.
• 100% of babies had an APGAR score greater than 7. (APGAR scores range from 1 – 10 and measure a child’s overall health at birth.)

Sarah’s House
• Last year, we served 16 foster care clients (8 teen mothers and their 8 children) for a total of 2,068 days of care.
• 100% of children received hands on parenting education and life skills training.
• 100% of children met developmental milestones.
• 100% of children were up-to-date on immunizations and received regular health care visits. 
• 1 child received specialized medical care.

Legacy Hall
• Last year we served 18 adolescents in foster care for a total of 1,781 days of care.
• 2 residents graduated from High School.
• 100% of residents received life skills and vocational training.
• 100% of residents received regular health care visits and learned how to access health care systems.

Aftercare Parenting Education Program (APEP)
• We served 27 families (71 former clients and family members)
• 92% of children met developmental milestones according to the Ages & Stages Questionnaire
• 90% of parents scored adequate or above on both the Parenting Competency Skills and Visitation Observation Checklist.
• 92% of APEP participants avoided unplanned pregnancies.
• 100% of children had no substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect. 

To learn more about our past year, read our Annual Report